Winchester's Biggest Lever Ever

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The long popularity of its repeating rifle line gave the Winchester Repeating Arms Company good reason to manufacture another of John M. Browning's designs - a repeating shotgun that offered a six-shot capacity. Winchester's Model 1887 was offered in both 10- and 12-gauge chamberings, and its broad receiver side proudly bore a WRA Co. monogram. This strong rolling block design, operated by the traditional Winchester lever action, was favored by express companies and law enforcement.

The size and strength of its latest lever action provided Winchester with a unique experimental platform. A limited number of Model 1887s were built with rifling near the muzzle and were chambered for the massive .70-150 cartridge. Firing a 700- to 900-grain projectile, this repeater used a necked-down metallic shotshell.

Reprinted from America's 1st Freedom, September 2005.