Wayne LaPierre: 2009 NRA Members' Meeting

Phoenix, AZ

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The NRA EVP rallies members for the assault weapons ban battle. "There are three kinds of lies," says LaPierre, quoting Mark Twain, "plain ol' lies, damn lies and statistics." With the media and the political realm weaving "damn lies" and corrupt statistics together for the sake of their anti-gun agendas, LaPierre explains that there is imminent danger to Second Amendment rights. He rolls clips of Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Dianne Feinstein and President Obama among others, that expose the bias currently infiltrating the mainstream airways-especially over the statistical "evidence" on the number of U.S. guns being used for Mexican drug cartels. On this point, LaPierre says to Mexico, "You keep your drugs, we'll keep our guns, and keep your hands off our freedoms!"