WA State Senator Pam Roach

Stop Their Socialist Disarmament.

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Ginny Simone's exclusive interview following the gun ban hearing. "It was an incredible showing," says Roach, "At one point I asked the audience, "How many are here in opposition to this bill?" and I thought all the hands went up!" Along with hundreds of Washington gun owners, Sen. Roach attended the hearing for S.B. 6396 that would ban what anti-gunners deem to be "assault weapons." However, despite the excellent turnout, advocates of the bill pulled a few stunts that Sen. Roach considered unethical. Among them was the testimony of an appointed (not elected) police chief who claimed she was speaking for herself though she was in full uniform. Sen. Roach is writing the Mayor of Bellvue to find out whether she had permission to represent the city with her anti-gun views.