Three Heroes Fight Off Attackers

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On this edition of Hero of the Day, Cam Edwards shares three stories of people who fended off criminals themselves when seconds counted. The first story comes from Kentucky where a Floyd County homeowner shot Martez Evans, 26, in the chest when Evans broke into his home. The second story comes from North Texas where a fitness instructor tousled with a woman who was attempting to steal her bag in a grocery store parking lot. The third story, from Duluth, Georgia, involved a 53-year-old woman who stepped out of the shower to find a man standing there with a knife. They struggled, and she attempted to fight him off with a shower rod, but fell and injured herself in the tub. He then forced her into her bedroom where she told him she had some money hidden and retrieved her .22 handgun. She then shot him multiple times. Originally aired 5/11/2011.