Tahmassebi on the "Bernie" Goetz Case

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On this edition of Civil Rights Roundup, NRA Deputy General Counsel Stefan Tahmassebi discusses the famed "Bernie" (Bernhard) Goetz case. In the 1980s when New York crime was 70% higher than anywhere else in the rest of the country and 38 violent crimes occurred every day on the subways alone, Bernie Goetz, a law-abiding citizen who had been the victim of two attacks, decided to arm himself. After thousands of dollars and appeals to get a carry license, Goetz was still denied, so he decided to carry an unlicensed pistol. For three years, he had no incident until one day on the subway, four young men surrounded him and demanded money. The shooting that followed earned Goetz the nickname "The Subway Vigilante," and the highly-publicized case became a historical reflection on the right to self-defense. Originally aired 7/20/2011.