Suspects Apprehended In Johns Hopkins Murder

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On tonight's edition of Deal of the Day, Cam Edwards follows up on the brutal and senseless murder of Stephen Pitcairn, a 23-year-old research assistant at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Lavelva Merritt, 24, and John Alexander Wagner, 34, are being held without bail for first robbing and then stabbing Pitcairn. Both suspects have extensive, violent criminal records and should not have been on the street. Wagner was arrested for armed robbery last month and is on video beating and robbing someone three months ago, but both cases were dropped. Two years ago he pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend and then violated his probation four times, but never served jail time. Last week, a warrant was issued for his arrest for a probation violation, but it was never served because of a backlog in the system. Originally aired 7/28/2010.