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They Want to Kill The NRA. Don't Let Them.

They Don't Just Want to Kill the NRA. They Want to Kill America.

Stop the Progressive End Game of Disarmament.

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"These people, these monsters, want to kill the NRA. And they want to do it so they can destroy America. Once you are disarmed, their violence will only escalate. Mark my words: We will not let that happen.

So I'm asking you: get engaged, even more then you already are. Taking back the truth, protecting the Second Amendment and fighting the left-wing madness will take a giant army of patriots. We have that army. You can help defend freedom with your passion. To take back the truth. To protect the Second Amendment.

Because don't forget...You are they people they want to kill. You are the NRA. And we are NRATV. All of us. Together. Committed to fighting the violence and lies with the Fire of Truth. We're not going anywhere Our spirit can't be killed. That's a guarantee." –Grant Stinchfield.