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SHOT Show 2009: Andy Anderson and John from Littleton, Co.

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NRANews Host Cam Edwards talks to Retired Sergeant Major Andy Anderson and John from Littleton, Colorado. Anderson recently invented a brass magnet to pick up used shell casings at ranges. He is also the co-author of the book The Green Beret in You, which stresses a commitment to family, career and life through the lessons learned in the Special Forces.

In the last year, John from Littleton, Colorado, underwent serious training in firearms and obtained three distinguished expert ratings-fewer than 50 people in the country can claim the same. His advice to shooters? Use the NRA, a phenomenal resource for people to learn about and train in the use of firearms. To extend these wonderful benefits to others, visit and download an application to become an NRA recruiter!

To know more about the brass magnet, visit Anderson's book, The Green Beret in You, can be found at Amazon or through the International Anti-Terror Group.