Roundtable On Jon Stewart & Lou Dobbs

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On tonight's Weekly Roundtable, Second Amendment advocate Mike McCarville and Director of Media Analysis for the Media Research Center (MRC) Tim Graham join Cam Edwards to discuss instances of bias and misinformation in the mainstream media. Outgoing White House Communications Director Anita Dunn praised Jon Stewart and the Daily Show for "fact-checking investigative journalism" after he criticized anchor Sean Hannity for using misleading footage. The Roundtable crew discusses how Stewart seems to miss similar missteps by liberal commentators, and is able to deflect criticism for his own mistakes by claiming to be simply a comedian. Also in the news, Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN after thirty years, meaning that the network now lacks opinion-based programs from a conservative standpoint. Network officials tout a new policy of increased objectivity, but apparently only conservatives are able to fall afoul of this approach.