Roundtable: Media Matters, Planned Parenthood & More

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On this edition of The Weekly Roundtable, Cam Edwards joins Second Amendment activist Mike McCarville and Seton Motley of Less Government to discuss top news and media bias from across the nation. Up for discussion this week, Media Matters for America has declared that their sole mission moving forward is to take down Fox News, a recent appearance on the Joy Behar Show citing misinformation about Planned Parenthood, the "Obama Doctrine" or lack thereof involving the Libya attacks, continuing problems in Syria, the failure of the media to cover the BATFE scandal, "Fast and Furious" and other problems at the border, a Wisconsin teacher charged with sending death threats, the next presidential elections and potential Republican candidates, and recent reports that Rutgers University paid Snooki from Jersey Shore more than Author Toni Morrison for their respective appearances. Originally aired 4/1/2011.