Roundtable: Budget Issues, WI Elections, BATFE & More

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On this edition of The Weekly Roundtable, Cam Edwards joins Jed Babbin, political commentator and former deputy undersecretary of defense, and Tim Graham of the Media Research Center to discuss top news and media bias from across the nation. Up for discussion this week: an agreement appears to have been reached at the 11th hour for congressional budget negotiations under the threat of government shutdown, the Wisconsin state supreme court election was prematurely declared a win for Joanne Kloppenburg before it was discovered that an entire town's votes had not been counted, Sen. Chuck Grassley recently published an op-ed about the ongoing stonewalling from various government agencies on the matter of the BATFE "Fast and Furious" scandal, and Nancy Pelosi, along with about 2,500 journalists, is attending an event funded by George Soros aimed at making the government more involved in the press. Originally aired 4/8/2011.