Ron Schmeits: 2010 NRA Members' Meeting

Charlotte, NC

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"We all share a common freedom," the NRA president tells the crowd at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings in Charlotte, NC, "and we all share a common duty to defend that freedom for each other." All things considered, Ron Schmeits explains, this has been a good year for gun owners. The pending decision in McDonald v. City of Chicago could make a huge, positive impact on gun rights nationally, Gary Tudesko and the NRA won a battle with outrageous zero tolerance laws in California and many other legislative victories have been won across the nation. But the battle is still on, he says, "we will never stop defending freedom for one and for all, because for you and me, freedom is personal." NRA President Ron Schmeits has been an NRA Life Member for 20 years. He became a Benefactor Member in 2005. Originally aired 5/15/2010.