Pennsylvania Man Faces Charges For Defending Home

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On tonight's Civil Rights Roundup, NRA Deputy General Counsel Stefan Tahmassebi talks to Cam Edwards about the case of Chad Kirby of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Kirby, who has a wife and two children, was confronted by his neighbor after a property dispute. The neighbor engaged in a physical confrontation with Kirby and continued to cause property damage after Kirby retreated into his house. When the neighbor secured a baseball bat, broke a window, and started to enter the property, Kirby shot him from inside the house, killing him. Pennsylvania law currently stipulates a "duty to retreat" from an armed attacker, a condition with which Kirby complied. He is now facing charges of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, which carry prison terms of up to twenty and five years respectively. Originally aired 6/2/2010.