PA Armed Homeowner & OH Armed Couple In Parking Lot

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On this edition of Hero of the Day, Cam Edwards shares two stories of armed citizens defending themselves and others. The first hero is from Alquippa, Pennsylvania where three armed men pushed their way into a home with guns pointed in the face of a young woman who had answered the door to them. The young woman's brother came down the stairs with his gun, was fired upon, and returned fire, causing the criminals to flee. The second hero story is from Wadsworth, Ohio where a couple witnessed a man beating his girlfriend in front of her two small children while they were parked at a McDonald's. The couple, both with concealed carry licenses, called 9-1-1 then ordered the criminal to the ground at gunpoint. By the time police had arrived, the criminal had fled, but he was apprehended half a mile away. Originally aired 9/22/10.