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In frontier America, any accurate muzzleloading rifle was prized. An accurate rifle offering two shots - instead of just one before reloading - was exceptional. Making a superimposed double rifle presented a special challenge to gunmakers of the day with comparatively few being actually built and far fewer surviving.

In 1987, silver medal #266 in the NRA Gun Collector Awards program went to an outstanding silver-mounted double rifle displayed at the Reno, Nevada Annual Meetings. A swivel-barreled flintlock made by gunsmith John Palm of Wolmelsdorf, Berks County, Pennsylvania; this rifle featured seventeen intricate silver inlays, including a four-piece engraved silver patchbox with five piercings and a silver toeplate with three piercings. The 39 inch full octagonal barrels were marked "J. Palm No. 192."

This over and under rifle now resides in the National Firearms Museum collection, the gift of collectors Harmon and Joey Leonard in 2002.