OR Armed Robbery Victim Testifies About Self-Defense

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On this edition of Hero of the Day, Cam Edwards follows up on a story from Oregon where a barista was attacked last November in the coffee shop where he worked by Sirus Combs, 24, and an accomplice. The barista recently testified in court that the first words out of Combs's mouth were "I'm going to kill you." Even though he kept repeating that, the employee opened the cash drawer and backed away with his hands in the air in full compliance with the criminal. However, after Combs had the money, he pointed his gun at the barista and told him to turn around. Only then, when the employee thought his life was in danger, did he use a moment of distraction to pull out his legally owned firearm and fatally shoot Sirus Combs. The court has ruled that the coffee shop employee acted in self-defense. Originally aired 3/17/2011.