Mike Krei & OH Adjutant General Wayt At Camp Perry 2010

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Cam Edwards speaks with NRA Director of Competitive Shooting Mike Krei, Adjutant General of the State of Ohio Major General Gregory Wayt and Assistant Adjutant General Major General Matthew Kambic at the 2010 NRA Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, OH. Krei outlines the important features of the Camp Perry facility that make it an ideal site for the competitions, and Wayt and Kambic talk about the significance of the National Matches for the Ohio National Guard and the state in general. The Matches, which are taking place for the 104th year at Camp Perry, bring together the NRA, the Ohio National Guard and civilian shooters, and they will feature over 6,000 individuals competing this year. Originally aired 7/12/2010.