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Michael Steele: 2009 Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum

Phoenix, AZ

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Steele discusses the consequences of the Obama administration's policies. "When the Democrats, given the course they're on now, are finished, there won't be fifty bucks left in anyone's pocket," says the Republican National Committee chairman to NRA members at the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum in Phoenix, Arizona. Steele explains that politics in the U.S. today are so focused on redistributing American wealth that an unprecedented economic disaster is on the horizon for future generations.

Moreover, the Second Amendment is at DEFCON 3 with politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein campaigning against guns at the willing ear of the president. "In February, Obama's administration concocted a crazy theory that crime in Mexico could and should be prevented by banning guns in America," says Steele, illustrating the backward logic that now threatens American rights-rights intended to "not be infringed."