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MD Off-Duty Cop & OK 911 Call

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Off-duty officer thwarts armed robbery, an armed woman's 911 call. On tonight's Hero of the Day, Cam Edwards shares two stories. In Hamden, Maryland, an off-duty police officer was notified by a fleeing customer that an armed robbery was in progress at a liquor store. The officer fired his handgun at the robbers, causing them to flee. They were later apprehended.

In the second story, Cam plays the horrific 911 call from Donna Jackson, a woman who was home alone when a man came to the sliding glass door on her back porch and attempted to break in to the rural Oklahoma residence. Her terror, leading up to the moment when she was forced to shoot the intruder because the police had not been able to arrive in time, was acute. Cam recommends that this call be shared as an example to gun control advocates.