Many Pro-Gun Bills Moving in Nevada

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NRA-ILA Nevada State Liaison Carrie Herbertson speaks with Cam Edwards about several pro-gun bills that are working through the Nevada legislature:

Senate Bill 126 - would streamline the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit application and qualification process to allow a permit applicant to qualify with any semi-automatic firearm, similar to the current process for any revolver.

Assembly Bill 143 - is similar in nature to SB 126 regarding the use of any semi-automatic firearm and any revolver to qualify for a CCW permit. AB 143 would also ensure that the identity of CCW permit holders is kept confidential.

Assembly Bill 321 - is a version of Castle Doctrine legislation that would allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves anywhere they have a legal right to be.

Senate Bill 231 - is Campus Carry legislation that would allow right-to-carry holders to carry their firearms legally on college and university campuses.