MA Man Gets 10-12 Years For Shooting a Man 4 Times

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On this edition of Deal of the Day, Cam Edwards shares a story from Worcester, Massachusetts where Satron Pridgen, 33, shot Joshua Richardson, the owner of a tattoo parlor, four times during a robbery. Pridgen was sentenced to 10-12 years after pleading guilty to armed assault with intent to rob, aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and firearm offenses, but charges of armed assault with attempt to murder and battery with a dangerous weapon were dismissed as part of a plea deal. Pridgen was also charged in two separate drug arrests for which he was sentenced to 9-10 years to be served concurrently with his new sentence. In 1999, Pridgen was convicted in another shooting, and was sentenced to 9-10 years at that time as well. Originally aired 10/19/2011.