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Laura Carno: Colorado Governor Mended No Fences With Apology

An Exclusive NRA News Cam & Co Interview

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Colorado political consultant Laura Carno is the founder of I Am Created Equal, dedicated to the proposition that our rights exist by nature and are not awarded by governments. She discusses the apology, denial, and admission by Governor John Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper apologized to Colorado sheriffs for not consulting them when he signed new gun control legislation into law, while denying that he had spoken with gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg. He later admitted that he had spoken with Bloomberg. Carno says that if his apology was meant to mend fences, it didn't work. Given that Hickenlooper has said he didn't research the bill before signing, didn't know it would be controversial, and didn't know the state's sheriffs wanted to speak with him, Carno questions his truthfulness in the meeting in the face of the facts. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 6/18/14.