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Ken Blackwell: 2009 Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum

Phoenix, AZ

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Blackwell talks about threats to American freedom in today's political climate. "For 232 years, America has been the beacon of freedom," the former Ohio secretary of state tells NRA members at the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum in Phoenix, Arizona, "will we continue to lead the way?" Before there was a United States, only 2 million people lived under a democratic government; today there are 2.4 billion free people in the world. Until now, America has championed the concept of democracy, but Blackwell holds up a Newsweek magazine cover with the headline "We are All Socialists Now" in support of the recent policies enacted by the Obama administration. In answer to that, Blackwell then holds up a small copy of the Declaration of Independence to remind NRA members: "Our rights are not grants from government, they are gifts from God."