Justice Not Blind When It Is President Obama's Uncle

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Conservative talk show host Michael Graham joins Cam Edwards to discuss his recent op-ed article, "A Good Citizen May Cry Uncle." The article compares the stories of Anthony McKay and Omar Onyango, two citizens of Massachusetts facing very different sides of the law. McKay was in his home when he saw his truck being burgled by a local drug addict. McKay defended his property with his fists against the addict, who was wielding a knife and a police baton. Onyango, an illegal immigrant from Kenya overstayed his visa and abused U.S. laws to get a Social Security Card and driver's license. Onyango was then arrested for driving under the influence and blew a .14 into a police officer's Breathalyzer test. McKay, who has never had a previous offense, is now facing 5 years in prison for aggravated assault while Onyango is claiming that he cannot be held and his arrest violates his Fourth Amendment rights. Graham asserts Onyango is receiving special treatment since he is President Obama's uncle. Originally aired 11/18/2011.