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John Sigler: 2009 NRA Members' Meeting

Phoenix, AZ

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The price of American freedom and those who would destroy it. NRA President John Sigler tells the story of Wes Plummer, a U.S. Marine veteran who fought in the bloody battle of Iwo Jima, and introduces him to the audience as an American hero and NRA Life member. "The freedoms that we enjoy as Americans and that we celebrate today are the direct product of the service and sacrifice of generations of patriots like Wes Plummer," Sigler says to members at the 2009 Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona. "So how dare so many people at home and abroad try to steal those freedoms?" With an imminent battle to reinstate the Clinton assault weapons ban on the horizon and anti-gun politicians and media polluting the national consciousness, Sigler urges his fellow NRA members to continue their hard work defending the Second Amendment and reaching out to new members.