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John Cardillo: Mayor Should Apologize to NYPD Officers

An Exclusive NRA News Cam & Co Interview

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The first of two funerals has been held for New York City police officers murdered execution-style while on duty. Hundreds of the overflow crowd of NYPD officers protested the appearance by Mayor Bill de Blasio by turning their backs on the video screen as he spoke. Former New York City police officer John Cardillo of PsyID discusses the continuing troubles. At, he writes that Mayor de Blasio can start to heal the rift by apologizing to every officer in the NYPD for implying that they would harm his son. Cardillo discusses efforts by New York City Police Chief Bill Bratton to defuse strife between officers, the police union, and City Hall. He goes on to talk about attacks on law enforcement nationwide, poorly reported by mainstream media. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 12/29/14.