In IL: Right-to-Carry Bill, AG Madigan Problem & iGOLD

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NRA Illinois Lobbyist Todd Vandermyde talks with Cam Edwards about several big news stories from Illinois. First, the Right-to-Carry Reform Bill has passed through committee and will move to the House. Vandermyde says many people testified for the bill including Otis McDonald, but the real showstopper was when the head of the Chicago Police Sergeant's Association testified in favor of it, and the Illinois Association Chiefs of Police, while still neutral, said they hoped to support the bill by the end of the day as well. Vandermyde also talked about the current status of Attorney General Lisa Madigan's demand that the Firearm Owners ID list be made public record, and he mentions the upcoming Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (iGOLD) organized by the Illinois State Rifle Association. Originally aired 3/8/2011.