Illinois Police Wrongfully Confiscate Firearms

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On this edition of Civil Rights Roundup, NRA Deputy General Counsel Stefan Tahmassebi talks with Cam Edwards about an upcoming trial for Timothy A. Walker of Macon County, Illinois. Tahmassebi says that Mr. Walker saw an intruder on his property, armed himself and hid inside the house, and then called the police. An hour later, the dispatcher called him back claiming that Walker had called minutes before and said he shot someone, which was not the case. When police arrived, Walker unloaded his gun and put it away. The police then grabbed him and his family, threw them onto the ground and took Walker into custody where he was charged with falsifying a police report. The police returned to the house and confiscated all the firearms-even the ones owned by Walker's wife and son and continue to hold them. The trial is set for April 25. Originally aired 4/6/2011.