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John Wayne was one Western actor who towered above the competition. Born Marion Morrison in Iowa in 1907, his family moved to Southern California, and the subsequent small roles in films from director John Ford were where he first received billing as John Wayne.

The National Firearms Museum is honored to have on loan several of the firearms that were used by Wayne during his 50-year film career appearing in more than movies. One of his first films was "The Big Trail" (1930), and one of his sidearms in that movie was a nickel-finished Remington cartridge conversion revolver, embellished with "diamond" file cuts on the barrel. A matching nickel-plated Remington double derringer is another of Wayne's sidearms from that early period. Much later, in the film "Big Jake" (1971), Wayne employed a shortened American Gun Company double-barreled shotgun that he referred to as a "Greener" - a favored brand of side-by-side used by lawmen in the Old West.