Geraghty: Obama's Budget Speech & The Birther Issue

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Jim Geraghty of the National Review Online Campaign Spot blog joins Cam Edwards in studio to talk about top political news stories. Up for discussion in this segment: President Obama's recent speech at George Washington University was supposed to be a "do-over" in which Obama was going to make an actual budget proposal. However, he invited Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and proceeded to attack his budget proposal in a very "below-the-belt" manner. Geraghty talks about several other times when Obama has applied a similar tactic in his speech time. Geraghty also presents another theory concerning Obama's refusal to stop the birther debate by just releasing his birth certificate: Obama is deflecting his critics, maintaining that so long as they make these "silly" conspiracy theories, more legitimate criticisms of him cannot be take seriously, either. Originally aired 4/14/2011.