Fighting Pre-Heller D.C. Gun Possession Convictions

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On this edition of Civil Rights Roundup, Cam Edwards speaks with NRA General Deputy Counsel Stefan Tahmassebi about Magnus v. United States and the implications for Washington, D.C. gun owners who were convicted of possessing a firearm in the home before the D.C. v. Heller decision ruled that these anti-gun laws were unconstitutional. Tahmassebi explains that Mr. Dave Magnus was convicted in 1996 of owning a firearm in his home as well as unlawfully carrying a firearm-because at the time D.C. counted carrying a gun within a home as a separate illegal charge. His initial appeal to the Superior Court was dismissed offhand on grounds that he had waived his Second Amendment rights when he plead guilty in the initial trial. However, that decision was reversed by the D.C. Court of Appeals who ruled that his waiving of rights was not voluntary or intelligent, so he, as well as many other gun owners whose rights were infringed, will now be entitled to an evidentiary hearing at least. Originally aired 3/2/2011.