Falcon Lake Fisherman Robbed By Mexican Pirates

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Though witnesses saw Tiffany Hartley and her husband David being chased by armed men at Falcon Lake, a body of water that straddles the Mexican border, Mexican authorities are now questioning the validity of Tiffany's 9-1-1 call and are no longer looking for the body of her husband, who was shot in the attack. Ginny Simone speaks with Sheriff Sigi Gonzales of Zapata County who says that Cartel members are robbing many fishermen at gunpoint on a lake that is one of the best bass fishing sites in the nation. The pirates wait until the fishermen cross the border, like David Hartley did, and put automatic weapons in their faces. U.S. authorities have their hands tied because these incidents happen on the Mexican side of the lake. Originally aired 10/5/2010.