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Davis, Sigler and Keene: 2009 Meetings

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Todd Davis, John Sigler and David Keene join Cam & Co at the 2009 Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona, to talk about LifeLock and the NRA's continued efforts against anti-gun legislation across the country. Davis is the CEO of LifeLock, a gold sponsor of the NRA Annual Meetings that is dedicated to protecting Americans from identity theft. NRA President John Sigler and NRA Second Vice President David Keene express their gratitude to Davis' company, and also to "Feinstein, Pelosi and Obama" for invigorating the NRA membership and making this year's event the biggest Annual Meetings in history. Sigler says he thinks the record-breaking attendance sends a message to the ever-increasing attempts on the life of the Second Amendment, such as the recent "No Fly, No Buy" proposal.