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David Keene: 2009 NRA Members' Meeting

Phoenix, AZ

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A talk about the NRA community, the United Nations and America. "We are a family of brothers and sisters," says NRA Second Vice President David Keene to members at the 2009 Annual Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona. "We must stand together in the face of challenges greater than those we have confronted at any time in the history of the National Rifle Association."

As the United Nations pushes harder for a global gun ban and anti-gun campaigners become more aggressive in the wake of D.C. v. Heller, Keene reminds members that the NRA family, built on a long-standing foundation of united freedom and justice, is equal to the task. "NRA members are better educated and more sophisticated than the average voter or citizen. We comprise, in fact, the most effective lobby in Washington today."