Career Criminal Guns Down Two Florida Officers

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On this edition of Deal of the Day, Cam Edwards shares a story from Florida where Officers Amanda Haworth and Roger Castillo were killed in the line of duty while trying to bring Johnny Simms, 23, in on a murder warrant. Simms, who was also killed in the incident, has a lengthy criminal history that began when he was 14 years old and included 11 arrests before he was even an adult. In October 2005 and December 2005, Simms was arrested for separate armed robberies, one with a pistol and the second with a rifle. Prosecutors did not file charges in either case. In 2007, Simms went to state prison for a different 2005 armed robbery and auto theft. He was released in February 2009 on probation. He violated that probation in June 2010 when he was arrested for robbery with a deadly weapon and selling cocaine. He served only one month. Originally aired 1/24/2011.