Zach Scholl: Coach Gives Hunter Ultimatum

Stop Posting 'Guns and Stuff' Or Else

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Palm Beach Atlantic University athlete Zach Scholl is an avid hunter and shooter who posted pictures to Instagram. The lacrosse player had been warned verbally on several occasions by his coach. He didn't want the next five-star recruit's mom to think they had some militant on the team. While shooting at the range with his girlfriend on June 27, he received a texted ultimatum: stop posting "pics of your guns and stuff" or he couldn't play lacrosse for PBA. After consulting with his dad, he replied three hours later: "With all due respect, as a citizen of this country, I have a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and a First Amendment right to post the pictures of my firearms and photos from my hunts on my various social media accounts. These are my rights as a U.S. citizen, and I'm not going to throw them away just play ball under you." Zach says it's become bigger than him. People's rights are being trampled and they are fearful of speaking out. He hopes his story will give them the courage to stand up for their rights. Originally aired on Cam & Co 08/09/18.