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Victor Joecks: Bloomberg's Fatally-Flawed Nevada Ballot Initiative

Judge Asked to Force Governor to Try FBI Again

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Bloomberg's Nevada gun control activists haven't given up yet in their 18-month effort to force the state to implement its fatally-flawed gun buyer screening initiative. In order to avoid a financial impact disclosure on the ballot, they required the FBI's NICS system to directly perform background checks, bypassing the state's more thorough system. The FBI refused. Columnist Victor Joecks of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the state solicitor general has argued in court they're asking a state judge to order the governor to sign a letter in another attempt to get the FBI to perform its "universal background checks" on private transfers of firearms. Governor Sandoval and state Attorney General Adam Laxalt opposed the ballot measure, saying it's up the the legislature to change the law if needed. Victor says they spent $20 million to pass an unenforceable law. They are now playing the blame game. If anyone should be sued, it should be their own attorneys. Criminals will never obey any of these laws. Originally aired on Cam & Co 06/07/18.