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Steve Halbrook: The Second Class Amendment

Supreme Court Must Stop Spread of Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

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Despite the text of the Second Amendment, supporters of gun rights have often based their arguments on the pre-constitutional right of self-defense. This may be in part why the Supreme Court has been reluctant to stop the spread of federal, state and local gun control. Second Amendment attorney and scholar Steve Halbrook explains why it's up to the newly-constituted Supreme Court with Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to make the right to keep and bear arms equal to the rest of the Bill of Rights. They must reign in the appellate courts that are upholding unconstitutional bans. Steve says intermediate scrutiny would never be acceptable for the First Amendment; it's just as unacceptable for the Second. The meaning of "infringe" is clear. Originally aired on Cam & Co 11/20/18.