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Steve Halbrook: NY Bill Proposes 'Social Media' Background Checks

Review of Internet Searches and Social Media For Intolerant Speech, Terrorism

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Newly-proposed New York Senate Bill 9191 would require residents seeking a handgun license or renewing one to submit to a review by state police of their social media accounts and search engine history. Inspectors would be on the lookout for biased or profane language used about the race, gender, religion and sexual orientation of others, as well as references to terrorism or violence. Second Amendment attorney and scholar Steve Halbrook says it's a clear violation of the First Amendment. Who will determine the criteria for what is acceptable? Unpopular speech of all sorts is protected speech. Twitter users are routinely banned for what conservatives view as acceptable speech. If you've been banned, would that be enough to keep you from obtaining a handgun permit? Originally aired on Cam & Co 11/21/18.