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Steve Halbrook: Dem Senators Bash Kavanaugh With Gun Lies

Feinstein Misrepresents Second Amendment

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In addition to their rude and childish behavior, Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee were dishonest in describing the law and facts when questioning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Sen. Dianne Feinstein grossly distorted criminal use of semi-auto long guns and condemned Judge Kavanaugh for his pro-Second Amendment dissent in Heller II. Second Amendment attorney and scholar Steve Halbrook had the honor of arguing Heller II. He thoroughly documented the "common use" of the AR-15. Feinstein uselessly quibbled about what "use" is and stated the federal "assault weapons" ban worked but didn't forbid ownership of semi-auto long guns. She was wrong on both counts. Even gun control advocates conceded the Clinton gun ban was ineffective. Steve says Judge Kavanaugh's the most qualified candidate for the court. It's shameful that Democrats are doing everything possible to delay and obstruct his confirmation. Originally aired on Cam & Co 09/10/18.