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Steve Halbrook: Big Banks Can't Deny Service to Gun Companies

Gun Control Radicals Take 'Any Means Necessary' Approach

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Some of the most powerful banks in the world are adopting policies that circumvent the Constitution and federal law. Gun control activists, frustrated by their inability to pass federal gun control laws, are pressuring them to refuse to do business with firearms manufacturers and retailers. Second Amendment attorney and scholar Steve Halbrook is taking part in a pro-con debate in several newspapers. He describes Aristotle's warnings about oligarchs - the consequences of concentration of power in the hands of a few. That's what's happening with banks like Bank of America and CitiBank, taking it upon themselves to supersede federal and state laws. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing something similar in New York, punishing insurance companies in an effort to suppress the lawful First Amendment speech of the National Rifle Association. The ACLU agrees. Steve says the gun control radicals don't care how their goals are achieved. Originally aired on Cam & Co 09/14/18.