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Seton Motley: Mulvaney Fires All 25 Obama-Era Consumer Advisors

Congress Must Back Up It With Legislation

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White House budget director Mick Mulvaney is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's acting director. He's dismissed all 25 of its Obama-era Consumer Advisory Board and council members, saying it's part of restructuring that will lead to increased high-quality feedback on consumer issues. Less Government's Seton Motley says it's the right move, but the next president could just as easily reverse the decision. Congress needs to back up the important work Trump is doing with legislation. He also responds to today's tweet by Country Time Lemonade. For every retweet it will donate $1 up to $500,000 to pay the fines or permit fees for kids who want to have a lemonade stand. Seton calls it a brilliant marketing move and a great way to push back. Originally aired on Cam & Co 06/07/18.