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Scott Wilson: Connecticut City Bans 'Ghost Guns'

Same Guns Hobbyists Have Made Legally For Decades

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Bridgeport, Connecticut mayor Joe Ganim has signed a local ordinance into law that creates a $250 fine for possession of a "ghost gun." Apparently, it's defined as a gun put together from parts in a kit. Scott Wilson of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League says these are the same firearms hobbyists have been making legally for decades. It's been signed at a public ceremony, yet they've had to file a Freedom of Information Act request in order to get a copy of the ordinance. Does it or does it not cover 3D-printed firearms? Ironically, the mayor himself is a prohibited person as a felon convicted on federal corruption charges. He should be recusing himself on firearms issues. Scott says it's election season, and the Dems are short on ideas. Originally aired on Cam & Co 10/11/18.