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Salena Zito: Trump Electrifies Western PA

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President Trump traveled to Moon Township, Pennsylvania on Saturday night to campaign for Rick Saccone for tomorrow's special election in the state's 18th congressional district. The president praised the state representative, noting his opponent Conor Lamb's conservative populist promises. It's almost as if he were a Republican, not someone likely to vote in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi's crowd. Or is he? Washington Examiner columnist Salena Zito is there. She just wrapped an interview with Donald Trump, Jr. It's been a unique race. The meida have focused on their favorite, Lamb. It's made it difficult for Saccone to tell his story. Turnout will be key. It's all hands on deck for both parties to get voters to the polls. But will the person you get to the polls vote for your candidate? Originally aired on Cam & Co 03/12/18.