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Rich Zeoli: Legal System Fails Armed Mom Who Defended Her Family

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A pregnant mom sits in prison after brandishing a registered firearm to defend her mother, her two-year-old daughter and herself. Environmental activist Siwatu-Salama Ra drew her gun when a woman repeatedly tried to hit them with a car. The act of self-defense is covered by Michigan's Stand Your Ground law, but police, prosecutors and a jury said she was the aggressor. Talk show host Rich Zeoli says she was prosecuted largely because the attacker filed a police report sooner than Ra. The jury was preoccupied with an oncoming snowstorm and the judge had no discretion with a mandatory minimum two-year sentence for a gun crime. He's puzzled why her attorney has not pressed the story publicly in order to bring pressure on Ra's plight or to get help from someone who specializes in Second Amendment cases. Originally aired on Cam & Co 05/08/18.