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Nicole Neily: Lawsuit Filed Challenging Speech Code at University of Michigan

Bias Response Team Punishes Those Who Hurt Students' Feelings

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The University of Michigan has a disciplinary code that prohibits what it terms harassment and bullying, made worse if motivated by bias. It's created a Bias Response Team that investigates complaints and punishes students with “restorative justice,” “individualized education” or “unconscious bias training.” The school deems hurt feelings to be an indicator of bias. In response, First Amendment champion Speech First has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the school's code and bias response team. Speech First president Nicole Neily says plaintiffs are chilled from speaking in favor of the Second Amendment or in support of President Trump. There've been over 150 reports of alleged "expressions of bias" through posters, fliers, social media, comments and classroom behavior since April 2017. Nicole says over 230 more schools have similar bias response teams. Originally aired on Cam & Co 05/15/18.