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Michael Graham: NH Dem Candidate Embraces Gun Control

Marine Veteran Would Ban 'Assault Weapons'

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Democratic congressional candidate for New Hampshire's 1st District Maura Sullivan has decided to make gun control a "primary issue" in the gun-friendly state. While holding an AR-15, the marine veteran says she'll "stand up to the NRA and take on Donald Trump." She supports "common sense" gun laws, including "universal background checks" and a ban on semi-auto rifles and magazines holding more than 10 rounds. NH Journal's Michael Graham says more than 40 percent of voters live in gun-owning homes. Everyone knows hunters or hunts themselves. The state legislature recently expanded concealed carry and shot down a "gun-free" zone bill. It's just not a smart political ploy for someone who's lived in New Hampshire for less than a year. MIchael also discusses comments made by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, saying the American criminal justice system is "racist, front to back." Originally aired on Cam & Co 08/15/18.