Lesley Hollywood: Boulder Passes 'Assault Weapons' Ban

Documents Relating to Moms Demand Action Sought

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The Boulder City Council has voted unanimously to pass an "assault weapons" ban. Gun owners have until June 15 to get rid of their firearms, turn them in to police, destroy them or obtain a permit from the city to keep them. Magazines over 10 rounds are banned and not grandfathered in. Boulder resident Lesley Hollywood has been told it will cost over $1,200 to fulfill her Colorado Open Records Act request for documents related to the ban and for communications with Moms Demand Action. It's not just a Boulder issue, it's a Colorado issue. Moms Demand Action celebrated last night and plans to begin agitating in other cities in the state for similar bans. Lesley urges Coloradans to visit RallyForOurRights.com and join the resistance against the anti-Second Amendment contagion. Originally aired on Cam & Co 05/15/18.