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John-Michael Seibler: Cuomo's Shameless War on the NRA

Echos of Operation Choke Point by Unelected Officials

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Operation Choke Point illustrated how easily bureaucrats could use regulatory power to intimidate and harm businesses they do not like and the financial institutions that serve them. Heritage Foundation legal fellow John-Michael Seibler describes how a similar scheme in New York has been used to target the National Rifle Association. The NRA alleges Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Department of Financial Services have taken a page from Operation Choke Point by coercing banks and insurers into ending their business relationships with the NRA in order to chill its First Amendment right to advocate for the Second Amendment. John-Michael details the brazen use of extralegal power by Cuomo in his quest to harm gun rights and the NRA. It should worry everyone that government officials are creating tools to use as weapons against those they do not want to exist. It could be used against anyone at any time. Originally aired on Cam & Co 11/19/18.