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Jim Shockey: BC Canadians Want a Gun Ban?

Online Survey Has No Science

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A Research Co. survey of British Columbians concludes 79 percent support a municipal ban on handguns, while 86 percent approve of a ban on "military-style assault weapons" in their cities or towns. The data was collected online from 800 adults over a three-day period, then compared to Canadian census figures for British Columbia. Jim Shockey, star of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, says there's no science behind the survey and its conclusion is ridiculous. It's a slippery slope. First handguns, then rifles, then shotguns. Outdoorsmen are outdoors, so word is only getting out to them now about Justin Trudeau's embrace of gun control. Jim says the only solution is to vote the Liberal Party out of office. Originally aired on Cam & Co 09/19/18.